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Remote ATM Monitoring Solution



Nimble Wireless’ Remote ATM monitoring is an end-to-end solution including hardware, software and web based applications for complete and efficient monitoring and protection of ATM. ATMs are used extensively in Shopping Malls, commercial/office buildings and various other locations. Remote monitoring of ATM is driven by various challenges in operation and maintenance, both on a day to day basis as well as over the life time of an ATM.

Why ATM monitoring?

Operators and owners of ATM would like to know various aspects of ATMs, which may or may not be under their direct control. Following are some of the key reasons for remote ATM monitoring:

  • Monitoring the operational status of ATM
  • Protecting from theft/Vandalism
  • Reducing insurance expenses

Nimble Wireless’ remote monitoring solution addresses these challenges and provides a comprehensive solution for ATM monitoring.


Nimble Wireless’ solution is designed to be flexible to satisfy different needs of ATM monitoring. Accordingly, every piece of the solution can be customized to monitor various ATM parameters. The total solution is composed of two components:

  • Remote Monitoring Device
  • Backend Server and Web application

Flexibility built in to Nimble’s solution can monitor virtually any parameter that is necessary to efficiently operate an ATM. The following is a sample list of parameters that are usually monitored:

  • ATM Operational status
  • Safe Open/Close status
  • AC/Power disruption ( Nimble devices have extended life backup battery built in)
  • Alarms: Shock, Motion, Out of Cash etc.

For further information, please refer to the whitepaper or feel free to get in touch with us.

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