Empowering Food Safety Manager With Nimble Smart Solution

August 4, 2018Vikhram Govindarajan
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Dave is a kind-hearted guy who always wishes nothing but the best for his customers. He works as a Food Safety Manager and places paramount importance on customer delight. He understands that serving top-notch quality food is the easiest way to retain customers which in turn brings more business to the restaurant.

Dave’s typical workday involves inspecting the quality of the food served and ensures it adheres to HACCP guidelines. This requires him to fill a huge checklist of safety measures and document this paperwork. Since this process is time-consuming, it keeps food safety manager occupied for the better part of the day.

After a busy weekend, calls started pouring in at Dave’s desk as he is still on his way to the office. These were complaints received from irate customers who had suffered from severe food poisoning after consuming chicken recipes at his restaurant the previous day. He felt awful for receiving such complaints since was pretty sure the food served complied to HACCP standards. He hurried to his desk frustrated and confused. At this juncture, he was interrupted by an employee who hands him a piece of paper. This seemingly harmless piece of paper was a critical document in filing the HACCP. As a result, the chicken dishes that were under cooked that day slipped the HACCP audit which led to this hazard.

Empower food safety manager with Digital Compliance:

Dave felt personally responsible since the reputation of his restaurant was at stake. He must find a quick solution so that he can regain the lost rapport with the customers. An embarrassment like this must be prevented in future. To ensure it, the manual recording of HACCP needs to be flawless and smooth, but this is impossible especially on busy days. The permanent solution was to automate the entire process using a digital food safety solution.

Making the switch from manual data logging to digital is rather easy and a welcome change. Food inspection is a lot faster with the food grade probe for assistance. The time spent on manual data logging is reduced to nil as this can be done in a digital way.

Is your restaurant Digitally Compliant?

Thanks to the help of the food safety probe, Dave’s job is simplified and efficient. It also ensures the food served at his restaurant is 100% guaranteed to be HACCP compliant no matter how busy the day gets. Choose a digital food safety solution for your restaurant and see the difference.

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