Still using Paper/Pen for Data Logging? You may not be FSMA compliant after April 1, 2018

November 30, 2017Anantha C
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A study conducted by Carrier Lists reveals that the companies continue to use the traditional data loggers like pen and paper to log the data. These companies say it will continue to follow this traditional method till the ‘last possible’ minute because it is the easiest way to log.

During the research period of 11 weeks after Electronic Logging Device, were mandated, it was found that there is a second plateau level. During the research process, the ELD install rates stayed steady by 69%.

Many owners continue to use the traditional way of storing data even after the implementation of ELD. During the research, more and more people said they will use the paper loggers until the last possible minute or until the audit time comes.

The question to the cold chain logistics companies who still use the traditional way of data logging is, what does this mean in terms of productivity post-December when the mandate of ELD come into existence.

According to the head of the research, the enforcement of ELD rule will be ‘soft’ initially. Can be soft for a period of three months, which means there could be a time for people to adopt the latest trend of data logging and managing.

Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) will not be accounted for any citations taken between the transition period December 18 to April 1. However, one can take citations during the transition period but it will be levied when found. Only the CSA will be taken into consideration if the fleet is not linked to ELD.

Once all the fleet is connected to ELD, there could be contraction in the load, a truck can carry. The truck holding capacity will be reduced by 3% to 4% this will increase the cost of the shipping. Hence there may be a recession in product pricing after the implementation of ELD once it is mandated post-April 1.

But after April anybody should become FSMA. Follow these 5 principles and stay FSMA Complaint.

Read in detail about the study and the results here

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