Why Monitor Temperature at Restaurants?

FDA makes it mandatory to monitor food stored at restaurants/kitchens digitally. Connect kitchen to the cloud and make it HACCP Compliant.

Restaurant Monitoring

It just took my team less than 10-minutes to install the monitor and start monitoring. That’s great! It gives us the flexibility to install it on any rented truck with ease. It was so easy with Nimble’s Temperature Monitor

Nimble’s Temperature Monitoring solution helped us bring down our restaurants operational cost by nearly 15%. It also helped our internal team to meet HACCP compliance with ease

Restaurant Food Safety App

Nimble’s restaurant monitoring mobile application helps managers to keep track of HACCP checklist for restaurant monitoring. It directly pulls the temperature from chillers, freezers and temperature from food ingredients and displays it as checklist. With just a click restaurant manager can check temperature of temperature sensitive goods and check if they meet HACCP standard. Any non-compliance is also listed as an alert for the manager to act. And with all data stored in a secure cloud so it can pulled anywhere anytime