The Need For Monitoring Refrigerated
Trucks Temperature

Without Refrigerated trucks, it would be nearly impossible for transporting temperature sensitive goods.
It is a mandate to maintain the temperature when transporting temperature sensitive goods.
This will reduce wastage and maintain compliance.

Refrigerated Truck Monitoring

  • Slap and track installation

    There is no need for any special installation tools or drilling holes to install the monitor

  • Long Battery Life

    With over 2-months of battery life never worry about missing an alert      

  • Water Resistance

    Splash, Water and Dust Resistant cover to monitor assets in any environment

  • Temperature Sensor

    Highly calibrated external temperature sensor with ± 5F accuracy

  • Cellular Network

    Transmit temperature and location data in real-time using cellular network

  • Location Monitor

    Pinpoint exact location of assets with built-in GPS and Cellular triangulation

It just took my team less than 10-minutes to install the monitor and start monitoring. That’s great! It gives us the flexibility to install it on any rented truck with ease. It was so easy with Nimble’s Temperature Monitor

Nimble’s Temperature Monitoring solution helped us bring down our restaurants operational cost by nearly 15%. It also helped our internal team to meet HACCP compliance with ease

IRIS Application

Nimble’s IRIS Web and mobile application can give the assets temperature in real time. The application gives a bird's eye view of all
refrigerated trucks that are monitored. It also gives their location, temperature, speed, last pit stop etc. in a simple map or
table view. The temperature along with location history can be downloaded as weekly, monthly report.