Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring

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The Need For Monitoring Refrigerated  Trucks Temperature

Without Refrigerated trucks, it would be nearly impossible for transporting temperature sensitive goods. It is a mandate to maintain the temperature when transporting temperature sensitive goods to reduce wastage and maintain compliance. 


Reduce Wastage

35% of the manufactured goods are wasted during transportation due to improper storage of temperature sensitive goods.


Be Proactive

Truck companies can get alerted if there is a temperature failure. So, they can take proactive measures to avoid any wastage.

show Monitoring

Truck companies need to log the refrigerated truck’s temperature at regular intervals for compliance and regulatory purpose.

Nimble’s Temperature Monitoring Solution for Refrigerated Trucks

Nimble uses Internet of Things (IoT) platform for monitoring temperature sensitive products using Machine to Machine technology. The process involves attaching a sensor to the temperature sensitive cold chain asset that will transmit temperature data remotely using a cellular network to the cloud storage.

Nimble’s refrigerated truck temperature monitoring solution comprises of two elements the device, and the application.

The Device

Nimble’s refrigerated truck temperature monitoring devices can be used to monitor the temperature inside the trucks cold container. The devices have a built-in battery, but for longer battery life the device can be connected to the trucks battery. And, being small and compact the devices can be placed in a thermos box, leaving just a small probe inside the truck. Optionally with built-in GPS you can monitor the assets temperature and location at the same time. There are various other sensors like light, motion, door open/close that can be added to the device. 


Compact Sensor

Nimble temperature monitor is small and compact wireless sensors.


Battery Operated

The built-in rechargeable battery provides better reliability



A range of accessories is available for mounting, waterproofing, etc. 

The Application

With Nimble’s IRIS Web and mobile application can give the assets temperature in real time. The application gives a birds eye view of all refrigerated trucks that are monitored – their location, temperature, speed, last pit stop etc. in a simple map or table view. The temperature along with location history can be downloaded as weekly, monthly report.  


Simple Dashboard

Birds-eye view of all refrigerated trucks temperature and location



Get alerted

Get alerted when the temperature goes beyond the set threshold.



Monitoring History

Downloaded historical data for billing and compliance reports


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