Subscription FAQs

    How to choose an IRIS Application subscription?

Add the product to the cart and choose the subscription which best suits you. (Subscription details be provided with details. Please read them before choosing the subscription).

    Can I update my credit card details?

Yes, you can but before you update it you need to cancel the existing subscription and then update the credit card details and choose your subscription again.

    How do I start/restart a new subscription?

If have purchased the device through a reseller or if you have stopped your application subscription please click the below button to activate/reactivate your subscription.

Start Subscription

    How to stop Nimble IRIS Subscription?

Please click the below button and fill in the stop subscription form

Stop Subscription

    How do I change my current subscription plan?

Please click the below button to upgrade/downgrade current subscription plan

Start Subscription

    What is my subscription date?

The subscription is charged every 30-days from the date of initial purchase, you can also review your initial order to check the subscription date or please click here to email support

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