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Cold Chain Monitoring Realized
Millions of dollars worth temperature sensitive goods monitored and protected in real time in cold chains storages, reefers and refrigerators

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Thousands of Assets Tracked and Protected
Powerful M2M Solutions help you to gain insight in to the location and condition of your assets in real time and drive value for your customers

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Intelligent Wireless Sensors Delivered
Business Intelligence from thousands of wireless sensors driving smarter decision making in real time

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Critical Infrastructure Monitored and Protected
Integrated systems to achieve 24x7 monitoring of systems such as telecom towers, diesel generators and energy meters

Our Products


DG Monitoring

Nimble Wireless’ Remote DG monitoring is an end-to-end solution including hardware, software …

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Energy Monitoring

Nimble Wireless’ Remote Energy monitoring solution is an …

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Temperature Monitoring

Nimble Wireless’ web based remote temperature monitoring solution is a flexible and powerful solution….

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Telecom Monitoring

Nimble Wireless’ remote monitoring solution is an end-to-end solution including hardware, software and web…

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Nimble Wireless helps customers wirelessly connect, control and manage their remote assets. Nimble Wireless does this by providing state of the art M2M and connected wireless products and services encompassing Cellular, GPS, WiFi, RFID and Zigbee technologies. We offer innovative customized M2M products geared towards multiple verticals such as Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Green Energy and Healthcare industries.
We are always looking for talented individuals who can make a difference. Please send your resume to
Nimble Wireless maintains a close relationship with all major wireless carriers, including Qualcomm, STTB, ESPL, Bhaskar, Sprint etc.

Since our product items are intended to help remote information arrangements, and work consistently with cell and Wi-Fi systems, we work nearly with remote bearers keeping in mind the end goal to make a versatile arrangement that helps our clients.

Our Customers and Partners